VIP Series: ACP in Arlington, VA

In today’s day and age, high speed connectivity is a necessity. Even still, individuals throughout the nation find themselves struggling to get connected—Verizon is on a mission to change that. We recently hosted youth in Arlington, Virginia for an afternoon of STEM activities. By providing robust hands-on STEM opportunities, we hope to spark a lifelong love of science and technology among these kids. Yet beyond that, we know that the key to giving the youth of today the digital skills they need to thrive in the future is through high-quality internet access at home. That’s why we were also on-site to discuss the Affordable Connectivity Program, giving qualifying participants access to Verizon’s internet services for free. Check out the video below to get a glimpse into this incredible event and learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program!


AI Fireside Chat: Cathleen Finn & Sarah Fraim, CEO of Mass Technology Leadership Council

June 6, 2024
At Verizon, innovation is at our core, and we’re inspired by organizations leading their communities into the digital age. That’s why Cathleen Finn was so excited to sit down the...

Connected By Culture Series: Celebrating Latinas & Mothers

June 5, 2024
Verizon hosted the latest installment of the Connected by Culture Event Series, this time in Chicago! We convened Latinx changemakers for a celebration of Latinas & Mothers. The evening was...

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