Community Partnership Chat: City of Pawtucket

Join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson for the next installment of her Hispanic Heritage Month Partnership Chat series with Sandra Cano, Director of Commerce for the City of Pawtucket. Sandra is a dynamic community leader working everyday to foster a vibrant business landscape throughout Pawtucket. Sandra’s commitment to propelling her community forward, especially in her role as a State Senator, is evident in the work she does to invigorate the local economy. To learn more about Sandra and the City of Pawtucket, watch their chat!

Verizon Stories: Matthew Clark & Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

When Valerie, a survivor of domestic abuse, needed community support to rehabilitate both her and her son’s lives, she turned to Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC), Inc. for their comprehensive set of services.

CPLC is an organization dedicated to providing a safe, secure haven for families to heal from the traumatizing effects of abuse. One of their programs, De Colores, is focused on protecting survivors of domestic violence–like Valerie and her son, Robert.

Valerie received support for court proceedings, and assistance in school registration for Robert, including a new computer. The legal and youth advocates provided by CLPC to Valerie helped her testify in court. After two months, Valerie and Robert exited the program into their new apartment, and they continue to receive services and support through the program.

Verizon is proud to support CPLC in its effort to ensure vulnerable families like Valerie and Robert can access the support they need.  

LEADForward Community Partnership Chat: KID Museum

Join Verizon’s Mario Acosta-Velez in the latest installment of the LEADForward Community Partnership Chat series, for a discussion with Cara Lesser, Founder and Executive Director of KID Museum, based in Bethesda, Maryland. KID Museum is a leading experiential learning space for youth in the Washington DC Area–and the only makerspace offering hands on STEM activities. Cara and the Museum’s efforts are fostering the next generation of STEM Leaders.

Community Partnership Chat: Tournament of Roses

In this next installement of the Hispanic Heritage Month Chat series, join Verizon’s Jesús Román for a discussion with Azucena Duran, the inaugural Tournament of Roses Fellowship Award recipient. Azucena discussed how the fellowship, supported by Verizon, allowed her to explore her passions for both community development and working with underrepresented individuals. The program gave her the tools to go out into her community and implement programs that make a difference. Jesús and the team are so excited to highlight Azucena and can not wait to see what the future holds for her.

Community Partnership Chat: Youth in Action

Join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson for the first installment of her Hispanic Heritage Month partnership chat series with Elliot Rivera, Executive Director of Youth in Action. Throughout the month, Adriana will be celebrating the amazing achivements of Latinx individuals who serve as an inspiration to her. In his role as Executive Director, Elliot cultivates comprehensive development opportunities for youth in Providence. From overseeing programs developing leadership skills to fostering youth engagement with community initiatives, Elliot is building the next generation of leaders in Rhode Island and beyond. Watch the video to learn more!

Verizon Stories: Justin Tanner & The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (¡HICA!)

Victor Sanchez-Chacon was born without the ability to hear or speak in Mexico, where he spent most of his childhood before moving to Alabama at age 15, becoming a lawful permanent resident.

After nearly 20-years, Victor was able to apply for citizenship after his wife discovered a medical exemption for him. The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (¡HICA!) provided them with the legal immigration services they needed to file the proper paperwork, and helped to navigate through the medical exemption process. With the help of their legal immigration services Victor fully realized his lifelong dream of becoming a legal U.S. citizen on January 31, 2022.

¡HICA! is a community development and advocacy organization that champions economic equality, civic engagement, and social justice for Latinx families in Alabama through culturally specific, bilingual Spanish/English services.

Verizon is proud to support ¡HICA!, and their Citizenship & Immigration program, which helps support individuals just like Victor in their goals of becoming full U.S. citizens.

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