Verizon and Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission: VIP Series

Verizon’s Jesús Román was excited to sit down with Kathryn Schloessman, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission—the powerhouse behind LA’s movement to establish itself as the sports and entertainment capital of the world. From the Olympics to the World Cup, Schloessman and her team are leading the charge to bring the worlds’ stage to LA, and Verizon is proud to be part of their journey of innovation and opportunity! Be sure to watch their full conversation below:


AI Fireside Chat: Cathleen Finn & Sarah Fraim, CEO of Mass Technology Leadership Council

May 8, 2024
At Verizon, innovation is at our core, and we’re inspired by organizations leading their communities into the digital age. That’s why Cathleen Finn was so excited to sit down the...

Building An Inclusive Ecosystem for Chicago’s Diverse Tech Founders

May 7, 2024
Verizon Impact Forward Blog Series Chicago is rapidly emerging as a hub for tech innovation, with a remarkable 18% growth in the city's tech workforce over the past decade. As...

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