Digital Connections

Digital Connections

Human connection is what matters most. In today’s world, digital connectivity plays an outsized role in creating that connection. But it doesn’t just happen. America’s networks could not run without spectrum – the invisible infrastructure that makes wireless communication possible. Spectrum is a finite resource, and demand is increasing as consumers turn to innovative wireless solutions to connect, learn, work, play, and live their lives.

Smart allocation of spectrum has been essential to U.S. economic development, delivered generations of global technological leadership, and helped usher in the exciting changes of 5G wireless networks. Policymakers must enable this trend to continue to secure our wireless future. 

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Spotlight: Consumer Connections Report

The U.S. is a mobile society. We pick up and move residences— a lot — from city to city and state to state. And when we are out and about we are creating and sharing content, playing games, attending sporting events, and watching videos. The inaugural edition of Verizon’s Consumer Connections Report is designed to add context to these trends.

Case Studies

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5G hospital for veterans brings unprecedented care

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