Verizon & Kern County’s STEMPOSIUM

On April 28th, Verizon’s State Government Affairs Jay Day participated in Kern County’s STEMPOSIUM and Career Fair where information was shared about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The Kern County Career & STEM Expo in Bakersfield, CA brings students and businesses together for an exposition that allows students to showcase their best STEM projects, businesses to demonstrate STEM-related equipment and skills used in the workplace, and the community to gather and promote STEM Careers in Kern County. Verizon is a proud sponsor.


VIP Series: Small Business Digital Ready in DC

February 27, 2024
Verizon understands that now, more than ever, digital literacy is key to running a small business. That's why, a few months back, we were excited to host a Small Business...

VIP Series: Small Business Digital Ready in San Francisco

Navigating the online marketplace as a small business owner can be daunting--Verizon is here to help. Verizon is on a mission to provide one million entrepreneurs with the digital skills...

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