Community Partnership Chat: Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain, Inc.

Join Verizon’s Josh Miller for a discussion with Kristi Shaffer, Executive Vice President of Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain, Inc. Kristi and her team work tirelessly to equip kids with the tools they need to achieve future success. Her programming includes training on career success, self sufficiency, and developing a comprehensive financial acumen. Listen into their conversation, and learn how Kristi and her team are cultivating the next generation of STEM leaders.

Community Partnership Chat: Latinas First Foundation

In this installment of Community Partnership Chats, Verizon’s Josh Miller sat down with Dr. Judi Díaz Bonacquisti, Executive Director of Latinas First Foundation, to discuss the incredible work her organization has done in fostering success for Colorado Latinas. By developing strong connections in the community and providing inspiration and support throughout every step of Colorado Latinas’ educational journeys, Latinas First provides the resources and support to allow each individual reach their highest potential. Watch the video to learn more!

Community Partnership Chat: Amp The Cause

Join Verizon’s Josh Miller as he chats with Julia Simmons, President of Amp The Cause–a Denver based nonprofit supporting around 55 other local nonprofits by raising funds, awareness, and volunteerism. Julia and Josh discussed how Amp the Cause is using technology to improve the lives of families through entertainment, annual events and community service. Watch the video to learn more!

Built in Colorado: These 5 Colorado Tech Companies Raised April’s Largest Funding Rounds

Colorado businesses pulled in many funding rounds last month supporting initiatives across different sects of tech. In April, five tech companies raised a combined $561 million — significantly more than the $74.5 million gained in March. Keep reading to find out how these brands will use their latest investments.

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Colorado Inno: Lift Zones fill voids in internet, education in the Colorado community

The digital divide is more apparent than ever, especially in low-income communities. In fact, according to Pew Research, 59% of parents with lower incomes who had children in schools that were remote due to the pandemic, said their children would likely face at least one of three digital obstacles to their schooling. Obstacles include a lack of reliable internet at home, no computer at home or needing to use a smartphone to complete schoolwork. This means that in those households, students were not likely to be able to keep up with their peers.

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Yahoo Finance: Rockies Venture Club Offers HyperAccelerator Program to Colorado Entrepreneurs in Advanced Industries

In a move that will accelerate the funding knowledge and business-building skills of Colorado startups, Rockies Venture Club today announced it is offering its HyperAcceleratorⓇ program at no cost to Colorado-based entrepreneurs developing companies in the state’s seven Advanced Industries. These industries include advanced manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, electronics, energy and natural resources, infrastructure engineering, and technology and information.

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