Courageous Conversations: Equitable Access to Healthcare: Racism as a Public Health Crisis – Disparities/Maternal Mortality

Inequities within our healthcare system have existed for a long time, but recent big headline events such as Serena Williams’ birth story and Chadwick Boseman’s death have brought the conversation of health disparities within communities of color back to the forefront. Join Mile High United Way as they learn about how poverty, racism, access to quality healthcare, and more impact overall health outcomes and quality of life care for communities of color. Together we will explore how to remove barriers and increase investment in health research, understanding, and appropriate treatment, and how these investments can change the landscape of healthcare for generations to come.

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Courageous Conversations: Voting Rights: A History of Voter Suppression and Attempts to Address It

Voter suppression has been a part of the politics of our country since its inception. Despite amendments built into our constitution to ensure voter rights, communities of color still face unnecessary obstacles and disenfranchisement that makes exercising their right to vote incredibly difficult. Join Mile High United Way as they learn about the history of voter suppression – from Jim Crow laws to the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and more restrictive voting legislation that has been introduced this year. Together, we will explore how these efforts are still occurring and what we can do to work alongside advocates to restore and protect everyone’s right to take part in America’s democracy.

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WEBINAR: US Investment Trends and Retail Strategy for Startups

Silicon Valley Advantage (SVA) is a technology and life sciences accelerator in Silicon Valley that specializes in helping foreign startups break into the US market. SVA offers a free 6-month program to selected TTASV startups. Each program is uniquely customized to each startup. SVA’s team of experienced and distinguished advisors provides valuable mentorship and advice on how to succeed in Silicon Valley and the US market.

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The Power of Three: Flux, Flagger, & Linkerd

Join us for this exciting event where you’ll get an overview and update on CNCF Projects Flux and Flagger (Incubating), and Linkerd (Graduated), then see the power of three when these projects are combined (in a live demo) to offer a robust and automated GitOps experience!

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Colorado Inno: Denver startup Zestful shutters as founder rebounds with Rally Tennis

As the pandemic hit, Mat Vogels wondered if his company Zestful had a chance to be one of the companies that would grow as a result of the remote work lifestyle. The employee perks startup had raised $5 million in venture capital the fall before and entered 2020 with plans for a new office and steady growth in the HR technology landscape.

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Colorado Inno: Former Amazon exec invests in Denver warehouse technology startup

The Denver-based team behind warehouse management startup Fulfilld has brought on its first round of capital. TenOneTen Ventures led the round, with other investors including European proptech firm Pi Labs, Colorado’s Matchstick Ventures and Jeff Wilke, former CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer business.

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Vicki Knoer is a PhD Student at CU Boulder studying Aerospace Engineering. Her research is focused on building the payload for a science rocket which will fly in 2024 and take spectral pictures of the sun while also demonstrating that a new type of technology will work in space. Her career goal is to build unique science satellites which will help us understand the Earth and how it is changing. Vicki has also earned bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and in Astrophysics. When not designing her payload, Vicki enjoys backpacking, looking for cool rocks, and playing Magic the Gathering.

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