Tech Day at the Capitol, sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, is an opportunity for technology companies in Colorado to showcase the state’s tech industry and connect with policy makers to educate and inform them on your company or organization and the role you play in the overall Colorado tech ecosystem.

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Innovating Women: Leading Midwest Tech into the Future (Denver)

The Midwest is a hub of innovation. Join us as we dig into the technology innovation, workforce development, and investments happening across the Midwest. Leaders from Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis will discuss the benefits and advantages to investing in technology in the Midwest, as well as highlight the incredible work already happening in our extended region.

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ADL Central Division: Speaker Series

Join us on March 24th and our guest panelists from local corporations as we explore the pitfalls and successes of corporate activism today. We will be discussing what steps companies have taken that have been either well-received or fumbled in the public eye as well as how a diversity and inclusion campaign can make or break a brand’s public perception, not to mention customer loyalty.

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Be a community partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

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US Tech Future is a Verizon-led community-focused initiative working to engage the local community in a discussion about technology and how it can improve the lives of local residents for their benefit and the benefit of the community as a whole.

Our mission is to engage with citizens and community stakeholders in USA to provide information on how technology can work to have a dramatic impact on the way we work and live in our communities.