Community Partnership Chat: We Share Hope

Join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson as she sits down with Johanna Corcoran, Executive Director of We Share Hope, a Rhode Island based food rescue mission. We Share Hope is on a mission to provide food and other necessities for individuals who need it most in local communities. To learn how Johanna and her team offer personalized solutions of what “hope” means to different people–watch the video!


Community Partnership Chat: Girls Inc. of Worcester

In celebration of the close of Women’s History Month, Verizon’s Adriana Dawson is chatting with inspirational women who are influencing not only Rhode Island, but beyond. In this installment, she’s joined by Victoria Waterman, Chief Executive Officer of Girls Inc. of Worcester. Girls Inc. provides more than 1,000 girls in Greater Worcester with life-changing experiences and comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges girls face, giving girls the opportunity to be “strong (healthy), smart (educated), and bold (independent).”

To learn more about Girls Inc. and how Victoria is fostering the next generation of strong women, watch their conversation!

Community Partnership Chat: Crossroads Rhode Island

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Verizon’s Adriana Dawson is sitting down with women who are inspiring her not only in Rhode Island, but beyond. Today, she’s joined by Bernice Morris, Senior Director of Education and Employment Services of Crossroads Rhode Island. Crossroads is the leading provider of housing and services for those experiencing homelessness in Rhode Island. Crossroads provides comprehensive services to meet the varied needs of participants–and Bernice plays an integral role in securing families a stable home for the future.

To learn more about Crossroads and how Bernice is changing lives, watch their conversation above!

Community Partnership Chat: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

In continued celebration of Black History Month, join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson for the latest installment of the Community Partnership Chat series with Kola Akindele, Associate Vice President of External Relations and Partnerships at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). WPI transforms lives by offering revolutionary STEM programming not only for students, but for members of the surrounding community. Kola has been instrumental in fostering programs that encourage a lifelong love of STEM–making it more accessible for all. To learn more about why Verizon is so proud to partner with WPI, watch the video!

LEADForward Community Partnership Chat: Northern Virginia Science Center

Northern Virginia Science Center is a leading organization for individuals of all ages looking to engage in hand-on science designed to spark the natural curiosity in all of us. They serve over 70,000 individuals annually both at their Children’s Science Center Lab, and during their STEM festivals taking place across the state. Going forward, Northern Virginia Science Center is opening a new location soon in the Dulles Technology Corridor that will serve thousands of individuals both in Northern Virginia and across the country at this brand new, state of the art location. To learn more, watch the video!

Community Partnership Chat: RISE Women’s Leadership Conference

In celebration of Black History Month, join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson as she chats with Hilina D. Ajakaiye, Founder and Executive Director of R.I.S.E. (Realizing Inspiration and Sustaining Excellence) Women’s Leadership Conference. This premier leadership conference for women brings together an exciting day of discussion that connects women across industries on issues related to gender parity, workplace equality, health and wellness, career mobility, and other critical topics. The organization is also involved in a number of events leading up to the conference including an International Women’s Day March and a scholarship event aimed at supporting young women who are high school seniors or first-year college students. 

To learn about RISE and Hilina’s incredible journey, watch the video!

LEADForward Community Partnership Chat: Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition

Join Verizon’s Paul Plymouth as he chats with Chrissie Powell, Co-Founder of the Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC). BDEC works tirelessly to close the digital divide. They serve historically underserved and underrepresented groups, and implement initiatives that will enhance digital equity not only in Baltimore, but throughout the country. To learn more about their mission, their commitment to ending the digital divide, and why Verizon is so proud to partner with them, watch the video below!

Community Partnership Series: Math Matches Program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn

Verizon is proud to support organizations working to foster a love of STEM among youth to close the digital divide. Join Verizon’s Brianna Ellison as she sits down with representatives from the Math Matches Program, an initiative that was started at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Brianna was joined by Kristen Clauder, Yunus Zeytuncu, and Michael Dabkowski to discuss how the unique idea to merge two seemingly unrelated activities–math lessons and boxing–came to fruition. To learn how the two are related, watch the video!

Community Partnership Chat: Tomaquag Museum

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson for an insightful conversation with Lorén Spears, Executive Director of the Tomaquag Museum in Rhode Island. Lorén is a member of the Narragansett Indian Tribe, and works tirelessly to empower Native youth and to educate the public on Native history, culture, environment and the arts. During this conversation, she reflects on the Museum’s history, Native representation, and personal anecdotes to share culural knowledge. Watch their conversation to learn more!

Community Partnership Chat: Suits for Seniors

Join Verizon’s Merdochey LaFrance for an illuminating conversation with Jervonte Edmonds, Founder & CEO of Suits for Seniors. Suits for Seniors is an award winning non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring and training at-risk youth by providing education on economic mobility, life skills, entrepreneurship and more. Merdochey and Jervonte discussed Jervonte’s mission for the organization, what Verizon’s partnership means, and what the future holds. Watch the video to learn more!

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