Cyber Seniors Program @ Brooklyn Public Library

The Verizon team had a great morning at the Brooklyn Public Library at the launch of their Cyber Seniors Program! Verizon understands that, in the digital age, it’s more important than ever that every individual—regardless of age—is able to navigate the online landscape. From paying bills to shopping to navigating telehealth visits, the online world can be daunting, especially for seniors.
That’s why the VZ team was on site to engage with over 50 participants on best practices online. VTeamers covered a whole range of tips and tricks with individuals looking to gain more insight into the technicalities behind their devices. The team covered social media, apps, sending emails, video chatting, text messages, cyber security and so much more! Through this event, Verizon was able to bridge an often overlooked but incredibly important portion of the digital divide—giving users of all ages the tools they need to not only succeed, but thrive, in the digital age.
Verizon looks forward to expanding this program in other parts of the region as part of its digital inclusion efforts. Check out pictures below to get a glimpse into this incredible event!


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