Community Partnership Chat: Riverzedge Arts

In celebration of Pride Month, join Verizon’s Adriana Dawson as she chats with Kristen Williams (PHD), Executive Director of Riverzedge Arts, and Geo Darrow, Communications and Development Assistant. Riverzedge leverages art, design, and critical thinking programs to forge a pathway to social and economic sustainability for youth in Northern Rhode Island. To learn how Riverzedge is fostering a safe space for the next generation of innovators to grow–and why Verizon is so proud to support them–watch the video!


VIP Series: Armed Services YMCA

September 13, 2023 Over 115,000 military families in the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard call San Diego home. In fact, at any given time, one third of all active-duty Marines are stationed...

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready in Detroit

September 12, 2023
To learn more about Small Business Digital Ready, visit: Verizon understands that for Small Businesses to thrive, they need to understand all the tools at their disposal. This...

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