Verizon Announces Verizon Forward Community Enhancement Awards Across the Country

Verizon is proud to be the network moving the world #forwardtogether. That’s why they are launching the Verizon Forward Community Enhancement Award for ten organizations advancing digital equity across the country.

These grants will be used to give individuals of all ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and more the digital skills they need to thrive. Click below to learn more about how they are bridging the digital divide in this nationwide initiative!


Verizon awards $100K to Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce to advance digital equity in Maine, 11/21/23


Verizon grants $100K to Associated Industries of Massachusetts to launch digital inclusion program, 11/21/23

New York:

Verizon invests $400K in NYC small businesses to advance digital inclusion, economic prosperity, 11/10/23

Verizon invests $100K to support Small Business Digital Inclusion in New York State, 11/09/23

DC, Philadelphia & Baltimore:

Verizon, Centri Tech Foundation team up to boost digital inclusion in DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore, 11/09/23

Verizon partners with African-American & Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in greater Philadelphia area, 11/08/23


Verizon Grants $100K to TechSTL to Launch Digital Inclusion Digital Inclusion Program, 12/5/23


Verizon grants $100K to African American Chamber of Commerce to launch digital inclusion program, 12/6/23


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Be a community partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

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