Responding to First Responders

Unfortunately, the biggest death and injury rate for first responders is traffic accidents. HAAS Alert, a Chicago-based cellular-vehicle communication company, is using technology to tackle this issue.  

Fire and police command centers, for example, work with the company to alert drivers when emergency vehicles are approaching. As Cory Hohs, CEO and Co-Founder of HAAS Alert told us, from the time a driver hears a siren or sees an emergency vehicle, they typically have about 2.6 seconds to react.

With 5G’s speed and latency, alerts from HAAS can move faster – giving drivers more time to react. “Every second is critical. That’s where you really start to see the power of 5G. … [If you can] give a second back to somebody, it really can save lives,” says Hohs.

Check out the latest video from Faces of 5G and then click here to learn more about Haas Alert.

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