Event: Conserving Land & Sea in Florida

On June 30, US Tech Future hosted a discussion on Florida’s ecosystem which includes some of the rarest habitats and species in the world – both on land and in the water. The panel discussed how cutting edge efforts are being used to protect Florida’s ecosystem and the role of technology in supporting those efforts. Panelists included Traci Deen, CEO, Conservation Florida; Dr. Debborah Luke, Senior Vice President of Conservation, The Florida Aquarium; and Verizon’s Courtney Barnard.


Community Partnership Chat: Imanyco

June 21, 2022
Verizon's Merdochey LaFrance sat down with Saïda Florexil, founder of Imanyco, a company that created a real-time transcription technology called Comunify that assists deaf and hard-of-hearing people during in-person group...

Verizon Boosts Investments in Texas and Florida

May 31, 2022
Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 500K Verizon Wireless customers have permanently relocated to Texas and Florida. In that time, busy-hour traffic times and data traffic have spiked in...

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