VIP Series: Lake Nona Innovation Hub

Verizon’s 5G Innovation Hub in Lake Nona, Florida is giving innovators the resources they need to allow their businesses to thrive. In keeping with our commitment to support burgeoning entrepreneurs, the Lab also hosts the Forward For Good Accelerator–providing funding to use Verizon’s technology, consultants, mentoring, and networking to innovators leveraging emerging technologies to reach underserved populations. Through this comprehensive programming, we’re excited to see these community-based organizations flourish into national partnerships. To learn more, watch the video!

Verizon Business in Fort Myers: Hurricane Ian Relief

When Hurricane Ian hit back in September, the City of Fort Myers, located in Lee County, found itself right in the bullseye of the storm–and with it, the robust community of small businesses it fosters. Within 24 hours, Verizon was on the ground helping the community rebuild – and they’ve continued that support. Verizon Business partnered with Florida TaxWatch and Collaboratory to offer $250,000 in grants to help 25 small businesses rebuild after the storm. To learn more about the recipients and why Verizon is so proud to support them, watch the video!

VIP Series: Verizon & Soaring City Innovation

Verizon was proud to take part in Soaring City Innovation’s Gathering: The Metaverse and You. Verizon representatives were excited for the opportunity to connect with members of the Tampa Bay community and beyond, to demonstrate that innovation is for everyone–and showcase how Verizon is leading the way. To learn more about the event and Verizon’s involvement, watch the video!

How Tribes Are Tackling Today’s Biggest Challenges

Join Verizon’s Rima Qureshi for a one-on-one conversation with former Commissioner for the Administration for Native Americans, Lillian Sparks Robinson. The two discussed the current challenges that Indian Country is experiencing, in addition to how they overcome these obstacles by leveraging education and other crucial resources. In case you missed it, be sure to check out this recording of the event!

Community Partnership Chat: Imanyco

Verizon’s Merdochey LaFrance sat down with Saïda Florexil, founder of Imanyco, a company that created a real-time transcription technology called Comunify that assists deaf and hard-of-hearing people during in-person group conversations. Their conversation touches on Imanyco’s participation in Verizon’s Forward for Good Accelerator which accelerates emerging solutions using 5G, MEC, Big Data, AI, & XR; Imanyco’s work to support the deaf and hard of hearing community; and their work going forward.

Verizon Boosts Investments in Texas and Florida

Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 500K Verizon Wireless customers have permanently relocated to Texas and Florida. In that time, busy-hour traffic times and data traffic have spiked in major cities including Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Tampa. With the transition to greater remote and hybrid work, the network demand continues to rise and with it, the need for reliable and accessible coverage. This is why Verizon’s continued investments in Texas and Florida are so important. 

Verizon recently announced a combined investment of nearly $250 million across both states in order to address the exponential population increases and growing demand for network coverage. Investments over the next two years involves building nearly 10K new network solutions, including new macro towers and small cell sites, expanding 5G Ultra Wideband service, and supporting Texans, Floridians, and local first responders in the upcoming hurricane season. Staying connected is a crucial part of today’s world, and I’m proud to see Verizon investing in local communities to ensure that people are able to get the coverage and support they need. 

To learn more about Verizon’s investments in Texas:
To learn more about Verizon’s investments in Florida:

Refresh Miami: Togal.AI lands top prize at eMerge, enabling growth of construction planning platform

The Togal.AI team won $420,000 at the 2022 eMerge Americas Startup Competition, with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary singing the startup’s praises. Murphy, a former congressman, expressed his excitement about the win: “Getting validation from a Shark Tank judge is not only cool, but a sign that Togal is worth investing in.”

Read the full article here.

Benzinga: Black Billionaire Institute Hosts Part 2 of The Startup Workshop Series In Tampa Bay

Dina Davis and her team at Black Billionaire Institute have taken the pursuit of providing underserved minority communities and people of color with core business principles to another level as the business development platform announces plans for its Startup Workshop. Part 2 of the series, which is based on the book, The Billionaire Playbook – The Startup, will be held in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, delivering resources that will help attendees create their startup.

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Refresh Miami: Introducing Box Box: Miami racing, car culture + tech

With the first-ever Miami GP taking place in Miami this weekend, interest in racing and car culture has never been higher. While interest is at its peak, we realize that traditional car and racing clubs can be intimidating – not to mention expensive. Box Box is here to solve that problem. Think about us as an inclusive and accessible SoHo House membership club for car and race lovers.

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