VIP Series: Small Business Digital Ready in Chicago

To learn more about Small Business Digital Ready, visit:

It’s no secret that owning a small business can be a challenge—especially with the added complexity of navigating the digital landscape. That’s why Verizon is proud of our Small Business Digital Ready platform. Our team was on the ground in Chicago to network with local entrepreneurs, engage in dialogue with small business owners who have leveraged the platform, and share this incredible resource with the community.

Small Business Digital Ready is a free resource which gives entrepreneurs the digital skills they need to thrive online. Whether looking to understand the complexities of the internet or grow their online presence, this one stop shop has the opportunities, courses, and programs any small business needs to not only succeed, but thrive online.

Learn more about this incredible program, and watch a recap of our Chicago event below!

VIP Series: Science Night Live

At Verizon, we’re committed to fostering opportunities to spark a lifelong love of STEM among learners of all ages. That’s why we were so excited to partner with the Orlando Science Center to power Science Night Live–an evening designed to give adults hands on science experiences.

Amid world-class speakers, innovative experiments, and laboratory projects, Verizon was proud to feature our 5G Hub Innovators from our local Orlando Lab to engage the local community and showcase how science is impacting the real world. Learn more about this incredible event, and why Verizon is so excited to partner with the Orlando Science Center below!

VIP Series: Houston Mayor’s Back To School Fest

Back to school season is an exciting but busy time. From school supplies, summer work, new schedules, and more—the season it not without its challenges! That’s why Verizon was onsite at the Houston Mayor’s Back to School Event, which provided new students with the resources they need to get their year off to a great start! The event featured supplies for kids, health screenings, and everything students need—including internet.

Verizon understands that in order to thrive in the digital age, students need high quality internet connectivity. V-teamers were on the ground, sharing information about the Affordable Connectivity Program, which gives qualifying applicants Verizon’s services for free or a reduced cost! Check out the video below to get a glimpse into this incredible event and learn more about how the Affordable Connectivity program is powering students in Houston, and throughout the country!

VIP Series: VZ Cyber Seniors Program @ Brooklyn Public Library

Verizon knows that, in the digital age, it’s more important than ever that every individual—regardless of age—can navigate the complex online world. From shopping to paying bills to navigating telehealth visits, the online landscape can be daunting, especially for seniors. That’s why our team launched the Cyber Seniors Program!

The Verizon team was on site at the Brooklyn Public Library a few months ago to engage with over 50 participants on best practices on the internet. We covered a whole range of tips and tricks with individuals looking to learn more about the technicalities behind their devices. We discussed social media, apps, sending emails, video chatting, text messages, cyber security and so much more! Watch the video below to learn why we are so excited about this program.

VIP Series: Armed Services YMCA

Over 115,000 military families in the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard call San Diego home. In fact, at any given time, one third of all active-duty Marines are stationed in San Diego. That’s why Verizon is proud of our partnership with the Armed Services YMCA San Diego (local entity). ASYMCA (national entity) has been supporting military servicemembers and their families for over 161 years, aiding them with the challenges of deployment.

We’re proud of the work ASYMCA (national entity) does throughout the country, but especially their Horse of the Sun Ranch in San Diego. Learn more about ASYMCA San Diego (local entity), Horse of the Sun Ranch, and why Verizon is so excited to support such an important mission!

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready in Detroit

To learn more about Small Business Digital Ready, visit:

Verizon understands that for Small Businesses to thrive, they need to understand all the tools at their disposal. This rings true particularly in the digital age–when entrepreneurs have faced the added challenge of navigating a complex online landscape. Verizon is here to help, and we were proud to showcase the Small Business Digital Ready program with local entrepreneurs at TechTown in Detroit!

Verizon is on a mission to help one million small businesses by 2030. This free platform gives entrepreneurs the skills they need to seamlessly integrate digital tools into their business models. From comprehensive courses, networking opportunities, businesses grants and even more, we’re making sure that small businesses not only understand—but thrive in the digital age.

Watch the video to learn more about Small Business Digital Ready, and why we’re so excited to partner with entrepreneurs in Detroit and beyond!

Verizon @ LA Small Business Expo

Verizon is proud to have supported the #SmallBusinessExpo. It was a great day talking with small businesses and sharing our VZ Small Business Digital Ready program, a free program designed by small businesses for small businesses delivering online learning, coaching, peer network and $10,000 grants. Special shout out to VZ Dan Butler from our CSR team and Sharon Lee Thony, founder and CEO of SLT Consulting who lead the “How to Use Digital Marketing to Drive a Growth Strategy workshop sponsored by Verizon.” To learn more about our amazing, free VZ Small Business Digital Ready program Click on the link:

City of Downey & LACADA Pride

This month, Verizon supported the City of Downey and LACADA with Pride! Our V-team had the pleasure of supporting & attending Downey Pride. At the event, we shared information on our blazing fast 5G home internet and how qualified residents could save on their home internet costs with the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Congratulations to the honorable Congressmember Robert Garcia, who was honored for his LGBTQ+ advocacy and as a champion for his community.

VIP Series: ACP in Arlington, VA

In today’s day and age, high speed connectivity is a necessity. Even still, individuals throughout the nation find themselves struggling to get connected—Verizon is on a mission to change that. We recently hosted youth in Arlington, Virginia for an afternoon of STEM activities. By providing robust hands-on STEM opportunities, we hope to spark a lifelong love of science and technology among these kids. Yet beyond that, we know that the key to giving the youth of today the digital skills they need to thrive in the future is through high-quality internet access at home. That’s why we were also on-site to discuss the Affordable Connectivity Program, giving qualifying participants access to Verizon’s internet services for free. Check out the video below to get a glimpse into this incredible event and learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program!

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