VIP Series: Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Verizon is committed to supporting organizations that are working tirelessly to enrich the communities they serve. Community Food Bank of New Jersey provides food, help, and hope to New Jersey’s neighbors in need through a comprehensive set of services aimed to both educate and enrich the community. To learn more about this incredible organization, and why Verizon is so proud to get involved, watch the video!

Hispanic Small Business Digital Solutions Webinar

From cyber security threats to building efficiency in an age of digital innovation, this panel of experts will discuss how to help businesses thrive in a rapidly changing economic environment. Learn more about this event, which will give Hispanic Small Businesses the tools they need to thrive in a digital age.

The Program featured four segments on: Business Internet, Business Phones, Cybersecurity Trends, Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready program:

Join Luis Cruz for a rundown on how businesses can effectively leverage the internet to enhance their products and services.
Jorge Zapata gives insight into the cybersecurity tools businesses must leverage in the digital age.
Join Francisco Mejia for a discussion on how business phones can be effectively leveraged for your business.
Next Street’s Matthew Zapata offers insight into Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, and how it can be leveraged by entrepreneurs to achieve even greater success in the digital age.

LEADForward Community Partnership Chat: Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition

Join Verizon’s Paul Plymouth as he chats with Chrissie Powell, Co-Founder of the Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition (BDEC). BDEC works tirelessly to close the digital divide. They serve historically underserved and underrepresented groups, and implement initiatives that will enhance digital equity not only in Baltimore, but throughout the country. To learn more about their mission, their commitment to ending the digital divide, and why Verizon is so proud to partner with them, watch the video below!

VIP Series: The Alliance for Community Development

Verizon is proud to partner with organizations bettering the communities they serve from the ground up. One such organization is The Alliance for Community Development, a Bay-Area based nonprofit working to foster the success of local, traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurs through individualized programming and comprehensive support.

The Alliance for Community Development leverages Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready platform to equip entrepreneurs with the skills they need to thrive in the age of the internet. In a rapidly changing online landscape, Verizon is grateful for The Alliance for Community Development’s mission to foster the success of small businesses. To learn more about the entrepreneurs taking part in this incredible organization, watch the video below!

Community Partnership Series: Math Matches Program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn

Verizon is proud to support organizations working to foster a love of STEM among youth to close the digital divide. Join Verizon’s Brianna Ellison as she sits down with representatives from the Math Matches Program, an initiative that was started at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Brianna was joined by Kristen Clauder, Yunus Zeytuncu, and Michael Dabkowski to discuss how the unique idea to merge two seemingly unrelated activities–math lessons and boxing–came to fruition. To learn how the two are related, watch the video!

Leadership Greater Washington & Verizon: Workforce Development Panel

Verizon was proud to partner with Leadership Greater Washington to host the Workforce Development Panel, focused on Embracing Opportunity. Verizon’s Mario Acosta-Velez moderated an incredible discussion featuring industry leaders who are trailblazers when it comes to workforce development. Their organizations are dedicated to fostering opportunities for DMV residents to thrive through comprehensive programming and targeted services. To learn more about the event and the organizations that took part, watch the video!

VIP Series: Verizon & Soaring City Innovation

Verizon was proud to take part in Soaring City Innovation’s Gathering: The Metaverse and You. Verizon representatives were excited for the opportunity to connect with members of the Tampa Bay community and beyond, to demonstrate that innovation is for everyone–and showcase how Verizon is leading the way. To learn more about the event and Verizon’s involvement, watch the video!

Verizon Announces Partnership with Onondaga County

Verizon understands that access to high quality internet is a necessity—that’s why Anthony Lewis was pleased to announce Verizon’s groundbreaking partnership with Onondaga County. This investment to expand connectivity will bring broadband to rural residents throughout the county who currently lack this crucial resource. To watch the announcement and learn more about the program, watch the video below!

5G Connecting Communities Series: The Future of Small Business

During the latest installment of Verizon’s 5G Connecting Communities Series community leaders from across Northern Virginia discussed the intersection of technology and the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. The panelists are community partners working to grow and support startups and small businesses across Northern Virginia. The event highlighted the positive benefits 5G technology can provide businesses and communities across the region to advance their goals. Watch the full event below!

How Tribes Are Tackling Today’s Biggest Challenges

Join Verizon’s Rima Qureshi for a one-on-one conversation with former Commissioner for the Administration for Native Americans, Lillian Sparks Robinson. The two discussed the current challenges that Indian Country is experiencing, in addition to how they overcome these obstacles by leveraging education and other crucial resources. In case you missed it, be sure to check out this recording of the event!

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