WBHM: Mississippi wants more tech jobs. Here’s what it can learn from Alabama’s tech success


Many states rely on tech jobs to boost their economy. Yet, It’s easy to think tech has already passed Mississippi and Louisiana. Only 4.2% of Louisiana’s workforce has a tech job, the second-lowest number in the country. Mississippi holds last place. Yet technology historian Margaret O’Mara believes it’s not too late. She points out that 100 years ago, Silicon Valley was a farming region.

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ABC 33/40: Alabama moves forward with regulations on telehealth

May 16, 2022
With the stroke of Governor Kay Ivey's pen, Alabama is requiring telehealth rules be adopted for the first time. Read the full article here.

Bham Now: 2 startups win $75K at Alabama Launchpad’s Cycle 1 Finale in Mobile

May 11, 2022
On Thursday, April 28th, nine Alabama startups made their way to Innovation Portal in Mobile for the Alabama Launchpad Cycle 1 2022 Finale. Their goal? To pitch their businesses to...

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