Translation through Tech

Imagine going to the hospital for an emergency and not being able to communicate with the doctor because of a language barrier.

Metaphrasis, a comprehensive language company based in Chicago, Illinois that believes everyone has a right to be heard, is there to help. Through its communication platform, Metaphrasis provides live interpreters and translators so language barriers can be bridged in healthcare, legal, education, and many other settings. Its staff is equipped to interpret over 35 languages and translate over 100. They can also assist patients with disabilities.

Especially in these emergency moments, a strong and reliable connection is critical to allow patients and doctors to properly communicate. As noted by Metaphrasis CEO Edwin Rivera, “5G is going to bring the speed and connectivity that we are in dire need of.” With 5G connectivity, patients and doctors will be better positioned to communicate – allowing them to focus on the situation at hand vs. the connection.

Check out the latest video from Faces of 5G and then click here to learn more about Metaphrasis.


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