Meet the Faces of 5G

The race to 5G is on. 5G mobile networks will deliver ultra-fast speeds and capabilities that will create use cases only imaginable in today’s world. 5G will help reduce digital disparities and help enhance opportunities for innovators and consumers everywhere.

The future of the economy, education, healthcare, social services, sustainability, and so much more will depend on 5G network deployment.

To celebrate this transformative new technology, we launched Faces of 5G – hoping to educate the public on the unbelievable innovations already happening today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Follow Faces of 5G as we meet and hear real stories from innovators across the country.

Here are the first Faces of 5G…

Clayton Banks, CEO, Silicon Harlem 

Silicon Harlem is working to build the largest 5G testbed in the U.S. to help give those in Upper Manhattan the same access to technology and innovation as other parts of the city and country.

“Silicon Harlem has set out to create a tech and innovation hub that will increase the quality of life for all of our citizens,” said Clayton Banks, CEO of Silicon Harlem. “We emphasize literacy, particularly digital literacy, and we emphasize getting affordable broadband in the home.”

“Our motto is, ‘Everyone deserves a connection, and everything will be connected.’ That’s the promise of 5G, that’s what we have in our hands right now, the ability to change the world.”

Elizabeth Reede, Co-Founder and CEO, Boulevard

Ms. Reede had a vision to bring art to life using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

“We had an experience that I think really just blew my mind. We had been piloting with schools and we were in St. Louis and we went to visit with our very first immersive experience with virtual reality… the response was firstly they had never seen anything like this. And these kids stayed with it, I mean they stayed in these experiences, they asked questions, and I thought this is exactly what we’re trying to do,” said Reede.

By allowing people across the country to tour museums and cultural exhibits remotely Boulevard Arts is opening up a world many would have never been able to experience before.

“The long term goal for Boulevard is to have this be instantaneous real time engagement, delivered when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. And without 5G I think we will be fundamentally hindered in being able to deliver what I know our users are looking for.”

However it’s not just about bringing technology into our homes and schools – it’s about building a better, safer world for communities across the country, enter Street Smarts VR.

Oliver Noteware and Alice Formwalt, Co-Founders, Street Smarts VR

Street Smarts VR’s virtual simulation training program gives law enforcement and first responders the real life scenarios they need so they can be prepared in life or death situations. Oliver Noteware, Co-Founder and CEO, says this incredible leap forward in innovation will not only help better train law enforcement, but also help in real world situations.

“5G will allow us to provide the best training to every first responder and advanced connectivity with public safety is going to be huge, not just from a training perspective but then when they’re out responding to emergencies they’ll have near perfect communication with central command, with other units, and that allows for better response times and better outcomes ultimately for citizens.”


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