Detroit Business: Local Restaurant Owner Launches Service Worker Training App

A restaurant adapts to the Covid-19 pandemic and stay at home orders by pivoting to take out and delivery.

Beth Hussey, co-owner of Hazel’s in Birmingham and developer of 16 full-service restaurants from early stages to operation, has created Shifty, a mobile training software app designed to ease the burden of training service workers.

“Most restaurants, especially today, are stuck in a cycle of hiring, firing and training staff — an expense that costs owners on average $5,684 per employee,” says Hussey. “This constant cycle leaves little to no time going towards improving those processes to better prepare them for their shifts which will help retain existing servers and bartenders. Shifty helps reduce the burden of that cycle through a proven approach that is placed at the fingertips of your employees.”

Read the full article at Detroit Business.


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