Baltimore Students Explore Tech Education Amid Digital Divide

“Inside the walls of the Digital Harbor Foundation, a new form of education is taking root. In a former recreation center in Baltimore, Maryland, students are learning coding, graphic design, and engineering principles, exploring potential career paths in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. This evolution of education is more than a mere novelty—it’s a vital lifeline for a city where 19% of residents live in poverty, and where disparities in internet access and computer ownership persist. Baltimore’s Digital Harbor Foundation is making strides to address this digital divide. The foundation offers free registration and access to computers for projects, aiming to bridge the educational and financial gaps that often hinder underprivileged students. But the efforts don’t stop at the city level. Maryland Governor Wes Moore, along with local organizations, emphasizes the importance of digital literacy and affordable broadband—tools indispensable in the 21st-century world.”

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AI Data Centers Could Help Bridge Rural America’s Digital Divide

February 18, 2024
“Millions of households across rural America don't have access to the high-speed internet necessary to fully participate in the modern economy, but the emergence of data center development in new...
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URMC Announces First-of-its-Kind Alliance to Expand Health Care Access to Rural Communities

February 17, 2024
“The University of Rochester Medical Center announced a first-of-its-kind initiative to improve health care access and wellness outcomes in rural communities in Upstate New York through the distribution of telehealth...

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