Accelerating Opportunity: The Next Wave of Technological Evolution is Here

Guest post by Candice Matthews Brackeen, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Hillman Accelerator

At Hillman Accelerator, we support women and minority led tech companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond to provide these underrepresented leaders with access to the education, seed funding, mentorship, and network they need to compete. Portfolio companies are given a $100,000 investment, and most importantly, the follow-on support that is critical to grow.

As I’ve said many times before, we don’t think there’s a pipeline problem or a shortage of minority or women led founders with great ideas. We think the problem lies in these teams accessing a community or support system to move their ideas forward.

For our companies, access to 5G means they’ll be able to dream bigger and accomplish goals faster. Many of them are using advanced algorithms and AI – working deeply with data analytics – so rapid, real-time information exchange isn’t simply a convenience, it’s integral to their success.

5G also means that Hillman can make greater investments into IoT companies with the certainty that they have the power to pull the data – that they’ll be fast and connected. 5G will enable our partners to execute their technology in a way that keeps customers happy and committed.

Ultimately, 5G will allow us to confidently invest in leading edge technology – enabling us to invest in the future. That’s why I am excited to partner with Faces of 5G to share Hillman’s story and explore how 5G will impact lives in ways we can’t even imagine today.

Check out our video for Faces of 5G and then click here to learn more about Hillman.


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