5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – February 5, 2020

Here’s this week’s rundown of the top 5 stories of 5G news about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

  1. 5G Changing Precision Ag – Farmers jumped to buy drones a few years ago, but according to Scott Burroughs, owner of Bottom Line Solutions in Morton, IL, they aren’t being used to their full potential. He says getting useful data can be time consuming and predicts 5G will change that: “With the enhancement of 5G and the sensing technology that’s coming, I think we could get back to the drone and make it a more useful tool than it is today.” Read more here.
  2. Next Level NFL Fan Experiences – The first 5G Super Bowl took place over the weekend and brought fans new experiences. For example, NFL’s OnePass app allowed fans with 5G devices connected to the stadium’s network to watch the game from five different angles, allowing them to “see beyond just the view from their seat, and to pause and rewind the game, so they don’t have to wait for a replay on the big screen.” Read more here.
  3. 5G Work Environment – “Now, with the coming 5G revolution, remote work is no longer a niche trend but will become the way we work,” predicts Jason Aten, Tech Columnist for Inc. He outlines how 5G will change working remotely through increased accessibility, increased functionality, and increased productivity – concluding that, “The bottom line is that when you’re no longer chained to an Ethernet cable or the availability of a Wi-Fi hotspot, the opportunities for staying productive no matter where you work start to become real.” Read more here.
  4. 5G’s Impact on Mobile Payments and Blockchain – “5G and blockchain offer the promise of a potent combination. Blockchain can secure mobile banking networks that will have to secure transactions on a very granular level, while 5G itself will make sure these complex networks don’t strain under the weight of blockchains,” reports Richard Dennis, Founder and CEO of TemTum. He continues to say this would be a great leap forward in delivering payment solutions to the developing world. Read more here.
  5. Pets Get 5G Benefits Too – The latest trend in the pet industry is wearables. Similar to Fitbit, Whistle’s cellular data-enabled wearable allows owners to track a pet’s location, miles walked per day, and other health related indicators, like scratching. According to Ross Rubin, Founder and Principle Analyst at Reticle Research, “developments like longer-lasting batteries and 5G technology have sped advances in pet wearables.” Read more here.

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