5G in 5: Top Tech This Week — February 14, 2020

Here’s this week’s rundown of the top 5 stories of 5G news about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

  1. Trucking with 5G – All Truck Transportation Inc., a Chicago-based truckload carrier, is upgrading from 3G to 5G-compatible tracking equipment to better serve its customers. The company president, Nino Alagna told Transport Topics, “Our customers demand visibility to those trailers on a daily basis. They want to see where their trailers are and how long they have been sitting there so that they can control their trailer fleets as best as possible.” With 5G, they aim to monitor and report this info faster. Read more here.
  2. 5G Takes Connected Cars Years Ahead – The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show takes the stage in Las Vegas this weekend. A main spotlight will be 5G technology for connected cars. 5G will enhance the ability for these vehicles to sense objects in low-visibility conditions, manage hazardous terrain, and more. Read more here.
  3. 5G Enabled Veterans Hospital – The Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California will be one of the world’s first 5G enabled health facilities, according to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. The VA has seen substantial growth in telehealth, and 5G capabilities will help the VA expand those offerings. Read more here.
  4. 5G at the Oscars – Verizon set up a 5G experience to transport people from New York City to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet. Beyond that, it relied on 5G to send real time photos from the red carpet. Read more here, including how Verizon used its Oscar sponsorship to celebrate diversity.
  5. 5G Essential to New York Student Success – “21st century education requires 21st century innovation. If we want students to think critically and creatively to learn to solve problems and succeed in today’s modern world they also need and must have access to modern technology,” writes Andrew Rasiej, Civic Hall CEO. He also sees 5G as having an essential role in that and praises Governor Cuomo for “recognizing that the development of the small cell technology is necessary for making 5G a reality across New York.”  Read more here.

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