School Transportation News: Tennessee District Uses AI Technology to Improve Fleet Efficiency

“The driver shortages have impacted everyone — the transportation department, parents, students, schools…we’re having to change our day-to-day operations,” she stated. Cassidy Beam, account representative for TransAct, explained that the TravelTracker software, includes features that allow for easy rerouting, notifications and a parent portal. It is built to assist districts with adapting and changing to the constantly changing situations that transportation staff are faced with.

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Nashville Inno: Possip builds on history-making raise with larger investment aimed at tripling scale this year

Shani Dowell made some history in 2019 by raising more than $1 million of venture funding for her Nashville-based startup. She was touted as the first Black woman entrepreneur in Tennessee to reach that milestone, which fewer than 40 Black women nationwide had reached at the time. That tally is growing, and so is Dowell’s business.

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