Women Founders: These 25+ Resources Can Help You Build Community and Boost Business

Being a woman who launches her own company means facing particular challenges.

While entrepreneurs saw a pretty normal (even great, in Philly) level of venture capital deals last year, women made up a very small percentage, with VC funding declining for women-led startups. Women with careers have also had difficulties in getting back to work during the pandemic. And even as women have driven recent entrepreneurship growth, accessing biz-saving Paycheck Protection Program loans has been difficult, partly due to a lack of relationships with lending institutions as well as an early (now changed) provision that non-employer firms — disproportionately run by women and people of color — could not apply.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer: Temple’s Business School Sees Virtual Reality as Future of Online Learning

Before the pandemic made online schooling a necessity, Bora Ozkan theorized that students learning remotely would be more engaged in virtual reality. Ozkan, a finance professor at Temple University and academic director of its online MBA, has tested that belief since March 2020, when he launched the class Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Disruption in a virtual reality, or VR, program.

View full article in The Philadelphia Inquirer. Surveillance Tech and Cyber Attacks Are Commonplace. Here’s Where They Show Up in Daily Life

In 2021, surveillance is inevitable, and the ethics of how it’s applied are constantly being debated. From protesters rallying for justice following the murder of George Floyd by police, to college students working on projects remotely, surveillance technology is increasingly being used to track the lives of people who may be otherwise unaware of its existence.

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