Philadelphia Citizen: How Innovation Districts Can Lead Inclusive Recovery

As Congress moves closer to enacting President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, focus on the elements of a broader recovery package is intensifying. While the relief package addresses the urgent, immediate challenges of the pandemic (including state and local fiscal relief) and accelerated vaccine distribution, the recovery package is intended to address the structural challenges that pre-date the public health crisis: geographically unbalanced economic growth, accelerating climate change, growing income inequities and a reckoning with systemic racism. The recovery package is the vehicle for achieving President Biden’s vision for “Building Back Better.”

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When Stacy Brown-Philpot joined Google back in 2003, she was one of only about 1,000 employees at the time.

She “took a chance on a company” — something that not every Black person in tech gets to take, she said. And while there, she built the Black Googler Network, an employee resource group cultivating Black leaders at Google and in the tech sphere.

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Northeast Philadelphia-founded online car sales company Gettacar has raised $25 million to expand operations and move into new markets.

The #5 RealLIST Startup of’s 2020 list said in its Wednesday announcement that the new raise meant it had raised a total of $48 million in its lifetime. The company previously said it raised an undisclosed seed round in 2018 which included San Francisco-based

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India Education Diary: Penn Medicine Marks One Millionth Telemedicine Visit Since Start of COVID-19 Pandemic

From video and telephone visits to remote blood pressure and oxygen-evel monitoring to apps providing real-time virtual support to COVID-19 patients, Penn Medicine has deployed an array of tools to provide telemedical care to its patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a rapid mobilization of its telemedicine infrastructure to ensure continuity of care for patients of all kinds during the hectic days of March 2020, Penn Medicine marked telemedicine visit number one million this week.

View full article in India Education Diary. Nonprofit Bootcamp LaunchCode is Expanding to Philly

Joining the ranks of coding bootcamps such as Resilient Coders and Tech Elevator that have entered the local market in the past few years, St. Louis, Missouri-based tech education nonprofit LaunchCode is expanding to Philadelphia in 2021.

LaunchCode’s goals are to make tech careers accessible to people of all backgrounds and help employers reexamine how they view hiring. Its self-guided Discovery course teaches the basics of computer programming within two months, and its LC101 course starts with JavaScript. Courses are free to students; LaunchCode is funded by donations, grants and companies paying for students’ apprenticeships and hires post-graduation.

View full article in A $500K Seed Fund and Working Group will Support Minority Entrepreneurship in Philly

Three institutions — two local and one based in Seattle — have partnered to create a $500,000 seed fund to improve access to capital for minority entrepreneurs in Philadelphia.

Drexel University and the University City Science Center collaborated with the Raynier Institute & Foundation to establish the fund. While the foundation is based in Seattle, it was founded by James Widener Ray, of the Widener family of Philadelphia. It supports projects in animal welfare, arts and culture, education, the environment and health care and human services in both cities.

View full article in How I Got Here: Lillian Klasen Studied Public Health. Now, She Codes to Help People Live Healthier Lives

As a Temple University student majoring in public health, Lillian Klasen wasn’t quite sure what her career would be, but knew that she wanted to help people live healthier lives. In her current role as a software engineer at nonprofit Benefits Data Trust (BDT), she is still working with the public good in mind — just from a different vantage point.

View full article in Tribaja and its Diversitech Summit are Forming a ‘Community’ of Underrepresented Technologists

When Tribaja founder Shannon Morales started her SaaS business — a digital platform employers can use to find diverse talent — four years ago, it was known as Echo Me Forward. But in the past year, she’s felt that the brand had grown since, and deserved an update.

By combining “tribe” and trabaja, the Spanish word for “work,” Tribaja is a name that reflects the business’ shift into a “community” of people with an interest in tech careers, including an active Slack group. She said she found that other recruiting platforms are built exclusively upon acquiring clients. Instead, she is focused on Tribaja’s development of that community before all else.

View full article in Philly: ROAR for Good is Launching its Wearable Safety Tech in 3 Local Hotels

Last spring, ROAR for Good founder Yasmine Mustafa told about her plans for pivoting the company’s personal safety device technology to the hospitality industry.

The company had switched its focus from B2C to B2B in 2019, and it was hospitality that ultimately checked the boxes — financially and from a social impact stance — by offering housekeepers a tool to help them feel protected against sexual harassment or assault, a rampant problem the industry faces.

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