WUSA 9: Online Lifeline: The House DC Continues To Provide Hope And Community To SE Teens During Pandemic

For the last two decades, The House DC has been a fixture in Anacostia, providing a safe place for young people to hang out instead of getting in trouble on the streets by breaking cycles of poverty, homelessness, incarceration and unemployment.

“We believe that you have to meet young people where they are. That’s the only way that you can earn that right to be heard in their lives,” La Wonda Bornstein, president and CEO of The House DC, said. “The kids come in after school, they’ve got a game room, they’ve got state of the art recording studio where they can use that studio to release their pain and how they’re feeling instead of out on the streets. We feed the kids a meal every night, and we provide extra plates for them to take home for family members.”

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