Women’s Network: The “SheCession” – A Time for Action

In early 2020, prior to the start of the pandemic, women had crossed a major employment milestone and the labor market was booming. For a few months, women outnumbered men in the U.S paid workforce. However, now a year later, over 5 million women have lost their jobs, accounting for 55% of U.S. unemployment. With the pandemic having disproportionately impacted women, especially women of color, in the workforce, many economists are calling this recession a “SheCession”.

With the business community at a crossroads, action must be taken to get women back on track in order to avoid erasing decades of progress. This panel discussion covers what actions some businesses are already taking, but most importantly, how you and the rest of our community can rise to the occasion to stop the “SheCession”.

This event was part of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network series. The Women’s Network isn’t a club you join, but a place where you belong – you’ll find a diverse group of more than 3,000 (and growing) women and male allies at all levels of their careers, from all backgrounds, sectors, industries, and professions, with energy for ensuring that Greater Boston becomes the best place for professional women to thrive.


Dr. Mekala Krishnan
Partner, McKinsey Global Institute Boston

Nia Mathis
Vice President-State & Local Government Affairs, Verizon

Alexandra Valdez
Executive Director, Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement

Maura Mann
Vice President, The Nagler Group & KNF&T, BANKW Staffing

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