The Future is Now: 5G Wireless Networks

The Wireless Summit will explore how wireless technology will be integral to providing high-speed broadband access in rural, suburban, and urban communities in Maine. 5G has the capability to upgrade current bandwidth using a combination of wireless and wireline connections that will enable faster data downloads and upload speeds, wider coverage, more stable connections, and less latency over shorter physical distances. 5G is leading to major enhancements for health care applications, industrial equipment, self-driving cars, smart cities, and connected devices. The workshop also will highlight how good policy can pave the way for more investment and how 5G networks will positively impact the economy.


Moderator: Geoff Why, Partner – Verrill

Sanjay Udani, Vice President, Technology Policy – Verizon

Beth Cooley, Assistant Vice President, State Legislative Affairs – CTIA

Kimberly Darrin, Assistant Vice President, Public Policy – AT&T

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