Verizon’s Matthew Clark @ SciTech’s 2022 Stem & Innovation Summit

SciTech’s 2022 Stem & Innovation Summit was an incredible opportunity to dive into STEM resources, explore tech best practices, illicit community involvement, feature hands-on activities, and more. Verizon’s Matt Clark was thrilled to be featured on a panel to discuss the next era of STEM, and how a wholistic approach to education can foster the next generation of science and technology leaders. Watch the panel to learn more!


Leadership Greater Washington & Verizon: Workforce Development Panel

December 5, 2022
Verizon was proud to partner with Leadership Greater Washington to host the Workforce Development Panel, focused on Embracing Opportunity. Verizon's Mario Acosta-Velez moderated an incredible discussion featuring industry leaders who...

VIP Series: Verizon & Soaring City Innovation

December 2, 2022
Verizon was proud to take part in Soaring City Innovation's Gathering: The Metaverse and You. Verizon representatives were excited for the opportunity to connect with members of the Tampa Bay...

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