Verizon Teaming Up With edX To Offer Free Online Courses In High-Demand Fields

Teacher explaining lesson in video call while girl taking notes. Rear view of university student understanding concepts online while making notes. Young woman studying on computer and writing on notebook sitting in college library.

Telecommunications giant Verizon has announced it’s teaming up with edX, the global online learning platform developed in 2012 by Harvard and MIT, to offer free access to more than 250 courses in several high-demand areas such as artificial intelligence, business, coding, communication, data, finance, and IT. Under the new partnership, participants will be given one year of free access to many of edX’s self-paced, expert-led online programs. That content will span 84 professional certificate programs, according to the announcement. The time required to complete a certificate varies by program, but some can be earned in as little as a month.

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