Verizon grants $100K to NextWaveSTEM to launch digital inclusion program

Image of students working on tablet computers.

“Verizon announces a $100,000 award to NextWaveSTEM (NWS) for the development of Project Integrated Neighborhood Technology Engagement Laboratory (Project INTEL) in Chicago. The partnership is part of the Verizon Forward Community Enhancement Award, a $1 million national initiative equipping communities with the tools to navigate an increasingly technological world. NWS will partner with the Gary Comer Youth Center to design and implement Project INTEL, a program focused on STEM education, emerging tech innovation, and workforce preparation. Participants from Chicago’s underserved South Side communities will engage in STEM courses that foster learning through hands-on activities that help develop 21st century skills essential for success in higher education and careers. By using emerging technologies to ignite a passion for learning, students will build, code, play, and learn, making important connections for solving real world problems.”

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