The San Diego Union-Tribune: Opinion: California Must Welcome Technology Growth and Investment. Our Economic Recovery Depends on it

It is difficult to understate the role that digital technologies have played in supporting our communities this past year. A complete pivot to virtual communication in our personal and professional relationships and a shift away from in-person commerce exposed just how essential digital platforms have become to our new lives. As new and returning lawmakers take office this year, one story that must be told is that of the small business owner here in Southern California who has demonstrated incredible resiliency with the support of digital platforms.

2021 has begun with the promise of a robust vaccination effort and a return to our pre-pandemic lives. We are also experiencing a considerable shake-up in our political leadership in California, offering yet another opportunity to re-focus on recovery. We are hopeful that new political leadership in California — including Southern California native Alex Padilla, recently appointed to the U.S. Senate — will demonstrate an appreciation for the homegrown innovators who have supported our state and national economy through one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes.

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