The New Digital Economy

At Outlier Ventures in Chicago, Rumi Morales is focused on the creation of a new digital economy and knows that new and transformative businesses need 5G to succeed.

Rumi, who is a Partner at Outlier and Head of Venture, expanded on this at our recent event in Chicago, “5G in the Windy City.” We caught up with her before the event to talk about the impact she expects 5G to have on everything from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence.

Here’s some of what she had to say:

“I cannot imagine, for example, many of the things that we’re talking about – whether it’s around bitcoin or whether it’s around AI – for those promises to become real without 5G. It touches so many parts of our future economy. 5G equals opportunity. 5G equals future economic growth. A lot can be missed if we don’t start investing in 5G now.”

For more from Rumi, check out the latest video from Faces of 5G and then click here to learn more about Outlier Ventures.

Originally posted on Faces of 5G. 


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