Technically Philly: Drexel’s new Center for Law and Transformational Technology will focus on legal issues in emerging tech

Drexel University’s Kline School of Law today announced its new Center for Law and Transformational Technology (CLTT), a group of researchers and resources focused on the legal issues emerging from the tech industry. The center will bring together researchers and industry leaders from law and tech backgrounds to strategize on the legal framework surrounding tech innovation, especially in newer disciplines like blockchain, AI and cryptocurrencies.

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Technically Philly: After Philly’s best-ever year, how did Q1 VC deals shake out? More deals, with smaller amounts

April 24, 2022
What do the numbers so far say about 2022? Philadelphia saw a shocking amount of venture capital flowing into the region in VC deals in 2021 — by far the...

Technically Philly: How Oncora Medical’s CEO realized its product could help with healthcare burnout

April 22, 2022
It’s not solving a new problem, but Oncora Medical’s CEO is finding that the company’s product has an unfortunate timeliness amid the pandemic. Read the full article here.

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