Blvck Door wants to help BIPOC artists bridge the network gap

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Medical illustrator Iman Carr and copywriter Shakeel Alexander met as artists in the predominantly white city of Buffalo. In that city, they said, most artists are working on their passion projects for free and doing other jobs to get by. But if you did happen to be getting paid for your creative work, nine times out of 10, you were white.

Carr and Alexander wanted to change that.

Thus was born Blvck Door, an online platform to connect creatives of color to employers. Artists can see what opportunities are out there, and be paid fairly for their talent. The goal is to foster an equitable and diverse workforce by giving voice and opportunity to BIPOC artists in smaller places that aren’t oversaturated by huge competition, and where creative jobs aren’t as abundant. It’s pairing a paycheck to their passions.

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