Verizon brings the Small Business Digital Ready experience to live event in Cleveland

Verizon just announced that it will host its second Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Summit, an all-day experience for small business owners to network and participate in live events designed to help them grow their businesses, in Cleveland, Ohio on June 12, 2023, at Cleveland State University. The goal of this event is for small business registrants to build connections and learn from various subject matter experts including local small business owners.

“At Verizon, we take pride in serving the unique needs of local markets,” said Jessica Cohen, Director of Community Engagement, Verizon. “We are thrilled to bring this informative Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Summit to Cleveland-based small businesses. Small businesses are at the heart of Cleveland’s economy and, at Verizon, a focus of our responsible business plan is to ensure small businesses have access to the tools and services needed to succeed in the digital economy.”

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Small Business Digital Ready $10,000 Business Grant Webinar

Woman working behind the counter at a cafe handing a cup of coffee to a customer.

In partnership with LISC, Verizon Small Business Digital Ready has committed $1M in small business grants for 2023. By joining Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, small business owners will get access to free courses, live coaching sessions led by industry experts, and insightful resources. There is also the opportunity to apply for an exclusive pool of $10,000 small business grants.

To unlock the application for the current round of grant funding, register on Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, complete any combination of two courses, coaching events, and community events, and apply by May 12, 2023.

During this webinar, we shared information about the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready online platform and the latest $10,000 business grant opportunity!

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Small Businesses Leading the Way

In celebration of the close of Women’s History Month, join Verizon’s Erica Jacquez for a conversation with two incredible female pioneers in the small business landscape. Elmy Bermejo is Regional Administrator for Region IX for the Small Business Administration–she oversees SBA programs, offices, and operations in the Pacific Region. Nicole Williams, a seasoned financial, nonprofit and government leader, was recently appointed as the new executive director of LISC Los Angeles.

To learn why both of these women service as an inspiration to Erica this month, and beyond, watch the video on US Tech Future!

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready at Pillar Cowork

Navigating the complex digital landscape can be daunting for any small business–especially in an age when comprehensive online services are crucial to fostering a robust enterprise. That’s why Verizon is on a mission to support 1 million small businesses by 2030 as they transition to the digitized economy. Verizon’s platform gives users access to comprehensive programs, personalized mentorship from experts, engaging community events and networking opportunities.

Verizon meets entrepreneurs where they are and equips them with the personalized tools they need to effectively leverage technology as they work towards their business goals. To learn more about Small Business Digital Ready and how individual users are benefitting from this incredible program, watch the video!

Hispanic Small Business Digital Solutions Webinar

From cyber security threats to building efficiency in an age of digital innovation, this panel of experts will discuss how to help businesses thrive in a rapidly changing economic environment. Learn more about this event, which will give Hispanic Small Businesses the tools they need to thrive in a digital age.

The Program featured four segments on: Business Internet, Business Phones, Cybersecurity Trends, Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready program:

Join Luis Cruz for a rundown on how businesses can effectively leverage the internet to enhance their products and services.
Jorge Zapata gives insight into the cybersecurity tools businesses must leverage in the digital age.
Join Francisco Mejia for a discussion on how business phones can be effectively leveraged for your business.
Next Street’s Matthew Zapata offers insight into Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, and how it can be leveraged by entrepreneurs to achieve even greater success in the digital age.

5G Connecting Communities Series: The Future of Small Business

During the latest installment of Verizon’s 5G Connecting Communities Series community leaders from across Northern Virginia discussed the intersection of technology and the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. The panelists are community partners working to grow and support startups and small businesses across Northern Virginia. The event highlighted the positive benefits 5G technology can provide businesses and communities across the region to advance their goals. Watch the full event below!

Be a community partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

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