Thinkful Webinar | Getting Started In Tech

In this talk, Thinkful will cover the different ways you can break into tech. Then they’ll dive into the job opportunities available, from positions you’ve heard of such as ux/ui designer and web developer to ones that are new to the scene, such as the data scientist.

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Rhode Island Inno: These Ivy League Siblings Are Optimizing Wastewater Treatment

Industrial companies in the U.S. collectively use 18.2 billion gallons of water every day in order to run their operations. As a result, they also spend a whopping $106 billion every year to treat contaminants and waste that get in their water. 

Now, two Ivy League siblings think they can dramatically reduce these costs with their company H2Ok Innovations, a contaminant management platform that helps industrial and manufacturing businesses optimize water usage and treatment through predictive diagnostics. 

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Thinkful Webinar | A Day In The Life: Data Scientist

Join Thinkful as they take a behind-the-scenes look at the daily work a data scientist performs. They’ll get hands-on with Python to dig through an example dataset and help you determine if this is your ideal next career choice. They’ll also discuss the next steps you need to take to be successful on that journey.

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Rhode Island Inno: How Squadlocker Grew Its 2020 Revenue With Pandemic Specific Products

When the coronavirus pandemic sent the economy into tailspin in March, SquadLocker, a venture-backed tech company that sells apparel to sports teams and other organizations, faced no shortage of challenges. 

The pandemic temporarily shut down two of the company’s main customer segments, schools and youth sports, as the country tried to lower the transmission rate of the virus. 

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Rhode Island Inno: This Brown Startup Designed A Collapsible Shopping Basket With And For Wheelchair Users

A lot of able-bodied people don’t realize just how difficult it can be for wheelchair users to complete a regular, everyday task like grocery shopping.

Grocery stores offer plastic hand baskets, but those are unstable and uncomfortable. There are also motorized shopping carts offered at grocery stores, but those require the wheelchair user to leave their own wheelchair, an expensive and personal piece of equipment, unattended while they shop.

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