Portable: Business, Power and Social Impact

Many design agencies start out with aspirations of transforming the world to create products and services that connect with people who need them the most. Yet many find it challenging, if not impossible, to balance the type of work they want to create with the work that clients pay to them. In this webinar Portable connects three leading international design agencies who each are carving out their own way of driving mission aligned work to discuss social impact, purpose lead design and the power that design agencies can have in shaping community, politics and society.

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MATTER Startup Showcase

One-quarter of all Americans will be over 65 within the next three decades, but the speed with which the population is aging may outpace the ability of today’s healthcare system to meet their evolving needs. The rise of new technologies can affect behaviors that are key predictors of longevity: having a sense of purpose, maintaining social connections and engaging in physical activity. It is more important than ever to reimagine and embrace the next-generation of digital health innovations that will better serve older adults.

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GirlCon DIGITAL 2021

Join us virtually to take part in the magic! GirlCon is a virtual event taking place at ONLINE for its fourth annual conference (Registrants can pick and choose the sessions they will attend based on availability). GirlCon will have various workshops and keynote speeches throughout each day of the week-long event that illustrate how technology is ingrained into every field. The lack of womxn in tech is a big issue that everyone on the GirlCon team is striving to fix. The goal is to provide girls with connections to successful women in their choice career field: GirlCon Tech wants every girl to feel empowered to reach her potential!

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