Finding FinTech – Career Pathways into Financial Technology

FinTech Wales is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at making Welsh FinTech a pillar of the global economy – nurturing talent while connecting and enabling the sector’s ecosystem. During this event, they are partnering with BCS South Wales, to provide advice and answer the questions of those interested in beginning or developing careers in Fintech.

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Beers with Engineers Detroit: Is XDR The Future?

Launching a new era of analytics-based threat detection solutions, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) leverages big data, AI and ML to deliver a best-of-breed security solution. Join us at a brewery near you as experts from US Signal and Acronis weigh in to discuss XDR, how it’s different, and how it serves modern threat detection and response efforts.

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Be a community partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

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US Tech Future is a Verizon-led community-focused initiative working to engage the local community in a discussion about technology and how it can improve the lives of local residents for their benefit and the benefit of the community as a whole.

Our mission is to engage with citizens and community stakeholders in USA to provide information on how technology can work to have a dramatic impact on the way we work and live in our communities.