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On June 14, 2022, Verizon hosted an event “Home & Connectivity” in partnership with the Housing Action Coalition to explore how the residential digital divide can be bridged. Panelists Jackie Flinn, Executive Director at A. Philip Randolph Institute; Dave Hickey, Vice President of West Business Markets for Verizon; and Rey Lachaux, Digital Equity Manager for the City and County of San Francisco, had an illuminating conversation on how we can bring digital equity to every neighborhood. Their conversation explored how public, private, and nonprofit innovations and partnerships are helping to deliver essential technology resources to underserved communities. Their full conversation is below.

Built in SF: Hello Heart Raises $70M for Mobile Blood Pressure Monitor

One company is making it easier for those with hypertension to keep an eye on blood pressure and take steps to manage it. Hello Heart, which closed a $70 million Series D on Monday, is a smart heart monitor that easily pairs with a mobile app. Approved by the FDA, Hello Heart uses AI to give users real-time data about their blood pressure and alert them when it rises too high. The app also makes suggestions for how to manage one’s high blood pressure through easy-to-implement lifestyle changes.

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Tech Crunch: As supply chain issues mount, Fictiv helps companies get from prototype to manufacturing

It used to be getting from prototyping to manufacturing meant long, expensive trips to places like Shenzhen and a whole lot of trial and error. Fictiv was founded back in 2013 to address some of the biggest pain points of bringing products to market. The San Francisco startup runs what it calls a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem, which is, effectively, a user-friendly service for doing just that.

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Bay Area Inno: This HR startup just opened a new office in S.F. after being remote for 2 years

Many of San Francisco’s largest employers are trying to bring employees back to the office, but what about startups? The pandemic shifted our work habits, and for some, the transition to fully remote work has become permanent. This is true for a lot of software startups, in particular, which have smaller, more nimble teams and no hardware or research labs that tie them down to a physical location.

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