SYFY Wire: Now You Can Beam A Hologram Of Yourself To Someone Else, No R2D2 Needed

When the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, Leia could have never imagined there would eventually be something that was a level up from R2-D2 when it came to sending hologram messages.

Imagine Leia had appeared to Obi-Wan and Luke as if she had stepped through a portal. They would also see her life-size and in full color, not that ghastly shade of blue that made her look like a cosmic ghost. Now PORTL has come up with the first hologram machine ever that can do that. Plug it in and you can tell Obi-Wan he’s your only hope in minutes. It works just as well in daylight as it does in darkness as black as the void of space. It is also completely self-contained and much more user-friendly than R2, who had to endure a few glitches and repairs before he he was beep-booping again.

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