Newport Buzz: Brown’s Brain Week RI Will Help Schoolkids, Home-Bound Attendees Get out of Their Heads

Kids across Rhode Island are familiar with the signs that spring is on its way — melting snow, longer days and plastic models of brains popping up in classrooms. The latter is a hallmark of Brain Week R.I., a series of school visits, fairs, presentations, performances and events held each March to make brain science fun, educational and accessible for everyone.

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Community Partnership Chat: We Share Hope

April 25, 2023
Join Verizon's Adriana Dawson as she sits down with Johanna Corcoran, Executive Director of We Share Hope, a Rhode Island based food rescue mission. We Share Hope is on a...
Omni channel technology of online retail business.

Rhode Island Inno: This Rhode Island collective combines child care, workspace and gym

May 14, 2022
The pandemic was a seismic shift for everyone, but for many parents now having to juggle childcare, schooling and work from home it was an overload. As many parents found...

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