Hour Detroit: We’re Still a Long Way From Roadways Full of Autonomous Vehicles

Ready for a family outing to the mall and then dinner, you call your car. It backs out of the garage and waits in your driveway. All of you pile in and sit wherever you want, since no one will be driving. You face front while your spouse and kids swing their seats around to face each other.

You’ve told the car where to go, so it chooses the quickest route, obeying all stops and speed limits, keenly aware of what’s happening around it. Someone steps off the curb ahead and the car slows, ready to stop if necessary. Its front-facing motion sensors eye a dog cavorting on one side of the road. You’re catching up on emails, your spouse is texting, and the kids are playing video games. The car lets you out at the mall, then zips off to park. When your shopping is done, you call your car to pick you up and take you to your favorite restaurant. After dinner, you catch a few winks on your way home.

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