Hispanic Small Business Digital Solutions Webinar

From cyber security threats to building efficiency in an age of digital innovation, this panel of experts will discuss how to help businesses thrive in a rapidly changing economic environment. Learn more about this event, which will give Hispanic Small Businesses the tools they need to thrive in a digital age.

The Program featured four segments on: Business Internet, Business Phones, Cybersecurity Trends, Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready program:

Join Luis Cruz for a rundown on how businesses can effectively leverage the internet to enhance their products and services.
Jorge Zapata gives insight into the cybersecurity tools businesses must leverage in the digital age.
Join Francisco Mejia for a discussion on how business phones can be effectively leveraged for your business.
Next Street’s Matthew Zapata offers insight into Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, and how it can be leveraged by entrepreneurs to achieve even greater success in the digital age.

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Be a community partner in the 4th industrial revolution.

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