Globe St.: Decoding Building Tech: A Strategy To Make Technology Work For You

The intersection between commercial real estate and technology is rapidly expanding as buildings become increasingly “smart” and contain more computerized systems and networks.  From connectivity and cellular coverage, to building management and security systems, to elevators, parking management, digital signage and more—the web of technology in your building can be quick to overwhelm.   Building technology is creating administrative headaches, incurring unforeseen costs, and exposing property owners and occupiers to cyber security risk. This is compounded by a communication gap between CRE professionals and technology providers.  Most of us can’t speak tech and our technicians can’t speak CRE, resulting in frustration, inefficiency and unnecessary expense.  But CRE technology also presents tremendous opportunity: additional revenue, improved tenant experience, cost and risk reduction. Owners, investors, and asset managers can minimize tech challenges and seize opportunities by developing and implementing a comprehensive technology strategy for their building or portfolio.

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