How to get a job at a startup

In this free class you'll get some insider tips as well as hear first-hand experience on how to launch a career with a high growth company. Register for this class here.

Women In Business & Technology Virtual Career Fair

The Virtual Career Fair easily connects you – from wherever you are – with employers seeking to hire diverse candidates. It is designed to bring employers and job seekers together virtually, for jobs that can be done remote or on-site. Register to attend here. 

Courageous Conversations: The Complexities of Food Insecurity and Race

In Colorado, it is estimated that nearly 1 in 8 children do not always know where they will get their next meal from; 1 in 30 older adults must make the difficult choice between groceries or medication, and this is just the start of food security issues in our state. Join Mile High United Way […]

Galvanize Data Science Info Session

Join us for a discussion about how to start a career in data science. You'll leave this event with a clear perspective and structured options for beginning your career in this quickly-growing field. Register to attend here. 

Coding for Women by Women [LIVE ONLINE]

Hack Reactor’s Coding For Women By Women was created to provide a safe learning environment for women entering into the tech space. Join Liz and Kelly as they discuss beginner JavaScript skills. They’ll discuss Galvanize Software Engineering's approaches to beginner problems, share resources that helped them on their road to code, answer questions you may […]

Confronting Imposter Syndrome

Are you afraid of being found out as a fraud? Impostor Syndrome is common in entrepreneurs and high achievers, with some estimates suggesting as many as 70% of successful people experience impostor syndrome causing self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and depression. In this roundtable discussion, General Assembly will talk about how impostor syndrome shows up in life […]

Courageous Conversations: Housing Access: Redlining and Housing Discrimination in Denver/Colorado

Redlining was the federal government's deliberate, discriminatory practice of denying home loans to residents of neighborhoods considered predominately immigrant or "minority." Though this practice seems both archaic and a thing of the past, it's a very real issue that still occurs today. Even in communities where redlining is no longer common practice, the impacts of […]

Courageous Conversations: Tricia Rose: How Structural Racism Works

Structural racism–the normalized and legitimized range of policies, practices, and attitudes that routinely produce cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people of color, especially black people–is the main driver of racial inequality in America today. In Mile High United Way's next Courageous Conversations, they will learn about the topic of structural racism in America from […]

Courageous Conversations: Equitable Access to Healthcare: Racism as a Public Health Crisis – Disparities/Maternal Mortality

Inequities within our healthcare system have existed for a long time, but recent big headline events such as Serena Williams' birth story and Chadwick Boseman's death have brought the conversation of health disparities within communities of color back to the forefront. Join Mile High United Way as they learn about how poverty, racism, access to […]

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