Denver Business Journal: Founder Mike Gellman on How Spire Digital’s Acquisition was Like Superheroes Teaming Up

After two decades in the Denver tech scene, Spire Digital found itself at a crossroads in determining the company’s long-term future.

“A few years ago, we really hit all of our goals and became the company we wanted to be. We looked at the future and said, “where do we want to go next?” Spire founder and ex-CEO Mike Gellman said. “We made the determination that if we want to hit the next level, we’d have to look for a partner.”

Spire found that partner in Kin + Carta, and was acquired in Nov. 2019. The deal, according to a notice Kin + Carta filed for investors, was valued at about 27 million pounds, or nearly $35 million.

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