Creating Value for All

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Bright Ventures and Verizon’s 5G Lab, with support from Faces of 5G, hosted a recent event in New York City that convened experts to discuss how evolving technologies will impact communities of color. The event sought to examine how leaders from across technology and finance can build a connected future that serves communities while creating value for all.

At the event, I had the opportunity to interview Maisha Leek, who is a Partner at Human Ventures, a venture and startup studio based in New York City.  Maisha has lots of experience working with founders and investors from backgrounds that are traditionally under-addressed by the investment community, such as people of color, LGBTQi, and others.

I caught up with Maisha to ask her views on 5G’s potential as a transformational technology and why 5G accessibility will be critical in helping to bridge the digital divide.

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