Community Partnership Chat: YWCA Rhode Island

Image of two women speaking on video chat. The woman on the left is Adriana Dawson, Director of Community Engagement at Verizon. The woman on the right is Deborah Perry, President & CEO of YWCA Rhode Island.

This Community Partnership Chat between Adriana Dawson, Director of Community Engagement, Verizon and Deborah Perry, President/CEO, YWCA Rhode Island will offer highlights of its impressive 154-year history.  The YWCA Rhode Island members have been unsung trailblazers in the forefront of most major movements in Rhode Island – from voting rights to civil rights, from affordable housing to pay equity, from violence prevention to health care reform. The YWCA has also supported members of the military and military families for nearly a century, beginning in World War I when the YWCA and other women’s groups lobbied for a female military corp. Watch the partnership chat to learn more!

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