Community Partnership Chat: Goodie Nation

In another installment of our Community Partnership Chat series, Verizon’s Michelle Arrington sits down with Goodie Nation’s founder and CEO Joey Womack to talk about how he and his organization uplifts entrepreneurs and help them develop products for nonprofits around the country. Goodie Nation helps to create relationships between these entrepreneurs and various organizations, leading them to career success. Watch the full video to learn more about Goodie Nation.


Community Partnership Chat: TechBridge

May 11, 2022
In this episode of Community Partnership Chats, Michelle Arrington sits down with TechBridge's CEO Nicole Armstrong to discuss how her organization is helping non-profits solve their technology challenges to better...

Lighting the Spark: Community Leaders and Changemakers

March 22, 2022
On International Women's Day 2022, Verizon's SGA team hosted a conversation between GoodrCo.'s Jasmine Crowe, Skills for Rhode Island's Future's Nina Pande, Girl Scouts Nation's Capital's Lidia Soto-Harmon, and Local...

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